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16 February 2010

A great proportion of my day is spent browsing through the dozens of new items cropping up in my feed reader each day. In one way, it's a useful method to ensure I stay up to date with the latest design trends. But my main reason is to find inspiration.

Documenting the articles which hold my attention is as much helpful for me as it is to offer insights into what inspires me from one week to the next. After all, a set of bookmarks stored on my own laptop provides neither visual nor temporal information as to the creative finds I've enjoyed!

28 January 2010

Sometimes the tedium of everyday work leaves us feeling dull and somewhat uninspired. I love Chris Coyier's "Quotes on Design", so during a particularly awkward creative block I fired up Photoshop and used this tutorial to create a typographic wallpaper filled with quotes on design.

Like it? Feel free to download, use, modify and share! I've adapted it to fit most screen resolutions, so hopefully you'll find the size to fit your own desktop screen.


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21 January 2010

When searching for inspiration, the city can be a place of illumination and discovery.

For those of you who don't have the time, means or inclination to immerse yourself in the world of breathtaking street art, here's a compilation of amazing pieces (sourced from Flickr's Creative Commons pool) to fuel your creativity.

20 January 2010

So you've built a killer website, filled it with wonderful content, developed your portfolio and have designed a fantastic blog to bombard a plethora of potential visitors with status updates and news of your latest ventures...

But there's a problem: for whatever reason, you've decided not to use a complete CMS for your website and blog. You may have decided to use Blogger's free service, for example, or prefer the minimalist approach of Twitter for micro-blogging bliss.

Of course, you could link to your blog (or Twitter) RSS feed and promote this through innumerable eye-catching banners, links and screaming fuchsia pink headlines, but what about that useful orange icon to the right of your browser's address bar?


1 January 2010

As with any new blog, there must be an introductory first post!

So here it is, my enthusiastic introduction to, where I - Amanda Kay - will write periodically about my exploits, passions and adventures in the formidable field of front-end web design.

Thank you but no congratulations are required. At least not until my face graces the front cover of .Net magazine!

And yes, I did schedule this post to appear at the stroke of midnight, New Years Day. There;'s a very good reason for that. I'll let you figure it out on your own...