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21 January 2010

When searching for inspiration, the city can be a place of illumination and discovery.

For those of you who don't have the time, means or inclination to immerse yourself in the world of breathtaking street art, here's a compilation of amazing pieces (sourced from Flickr's Creative Commons pool) to fuel your creativity.

Be warned - you may find yourself spending hard earned cash on a commissioned piece to grace your office wall!

Swoon on Blue - Via Lunapark

Ill Colors - via PixelJuice23

BTOY ans Miss Van - via justin_case

VSP Visual Street Performance - via Graffitiland

Urban Camouflage - via gaspi *your Guide

Nonchalance Auto-Killing - via Smeerch

Catwoman - via Caneles

Untitled - via Jakedobkin

TLP - via Sky

Monkey Hand - via Pixeljuice

Sombrero on the Right - via Shapeshift

The Owl Tree - via Slightlynorth

Untitled - via Jakedobkin

Untitled - via Akbar Simonse

Taureau - via gillesklein

3d graf - via gillesklein

Viewmaster - via geoftheref

Let's Face It - via What What

Burner, Bum City - via funkandjazz

el niƱo de las pinturas - via Gabirulo

Death - via Vasta

Untitled - via Shiratski

Graffiti by "The Mac" - via Threcee

VSP 2007 - via Graffitiland

Near Miss - via Daliborlev

Mario - via sensesmaybenumbed

Haircut - via What What

The Dark - via kk+

Untitled - via Diodoro

i swoon for swoon - via lunapark

Girl Face - via Dr Case

El Bocho goes Neon - via nolifebeforecoffee

Untitled - via Jakedobkin

Banksy Hoodie - via mermaid99

Eelus at Leake Street - via Mermaid99

Ego Detail - via Slightlynorth

Hey You - via Darwin Bell

Untitled - via Brocco Lee

Os Gemeos @ Quayside - via apwbATTACK

The Mac - funkandjazz

Jaen, Espana - via Bit Ramone

Hi Dad - via tashland

Mural - via Akbar Simonse

Some of these designs truly take my breath away, and I contemplate how inspiring they would be to see full-size, in person. My hope is that all who read this article will find at least one piece to inspire them for the design of their latest project, so be sure to leave a comment and share your thoughts of which provokes you most!


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