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16 February 2010

A great proportion of my day is spent browsing through the dozens of new items cropping up in my feed reader each day. In one way, it's a useful method to ensure I stay up to date with the latest design trends. But my main reason is to find inspiration.

Documenting the articles which hold my attention is as much helpful for me as it is to offer insights into what inspires me from one week to the next. After all, a set of bookmarks stored on my own laptop provides neither visual nor temporal information as to the creative finds I've enjoyed!

Here are the sites and articles which have inspired me this week:

Applying Mathematics to Web Design - Smashing Magazine

This article explores the notion that "mathematics is beautiful" and how the principles of the Golden Ratio, the Fibonnacci sequence and Kundli may be assist in the creation of beautiful, balanced web design layouts.

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A Compilation of Retro Fonts for Designers - Naldz Graphics

Font showcases are undoubtedly inspirational. As designers we need them for a multitude of purposes, from logo design to blog post images and everything between.

This compilation showcases over 40 retro fonts which we can download for free - an added bonus for any designer working to a budget!

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Tips for designing unique and attractive blog posts - Line25

I love the recent trend swaying towards "blogazines" - where each individual post of a blog is uniquely styled, in the manner of a magazine page.

This article showcases some examples of blogs which utilize this trend, while also explaining some methods of how this may be achieved.

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CSS3 examples and best practises - WebDesignerWall

CSS3 is a hot topic. This article from Web Designer Wall outlines some examples of how CSS3 can be used to enhance our web designs, while pointing out some pitfalls we can hope to avoid.

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20+ design blogs that release quality freebies -

A great article for finding new bookmarks or sites for your feed reader. Here you can find a list of resources offering freebies for designers, from photoshop brushes to templates, icons and more.

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Amazingly scary portraits by Jorge Miguel -

Francesco Mugnai's blog is always a wonderful source for inspiration, but I was particularly taken by this article which showcases rather disturbing portraits by Jorge Miguel. Creepy, and well worth a look!

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Image credit: mantis by woodleywonderworks, via Flickr


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